Pastoral Staff

Meet our Pastors

Pastor Clarence Jennings

Born into a devout Christian home, Clarence Jennings and his seven siblings were taught to pray. At the age of 7 he dedicated his life to the Lord, who placed a great desire in him to know His Word.

As he grew spiritually, he was encouraged and challenged to memorize many scriptures by his Sunday School teacher, Brother Mark Roberts, a gifted teacher and man of God.

Reverend Lyndel Williams

Lyndel Williams was born in Kingston Jamaica and dedicated his life to Christ at the early age of 15. Brother Williams was exposed to the Gospel by a group of missionaries traveling from the U.S. to Jamaica. After this life changing encounter, he enrolled in Bible School in the early 70s. Shortly after his studies, God brought him his greatest blessing, his wife, Kalawatie Williams.

Reverend Doctor Deborah Carter

Deborah’s early childhood and formative years were deeply impacted by her relationship with her grandmother. Her grandmother was a devout Christian whose strong relationship with her Savior, Jesus Christ was known by all. Her grandmother experienced a miraculous conversion when, like Samuel in the Bible, the Lord woke her up from her sleep with an audible voice and called her name out loud 3 times asking her how long was she going to continue to live her life in sin? That night, she committed her life to the Lordship of Jesus and proceeded to walk hand in hand with Him.